About Me

Phillip Jay

No. This is not a self portrait but she is an example of my Imagined Reality... a vast realm in which I am able to create images that blur the boundaries between what is real and what is not
She is not a photograph. She does not exist in what we call the 'Real World'. She is one of the many inhabitants of my Imagined Reality.
She may not be a living, breathing, warm-to-the-touch being but she is very much alive in my mind and in my work. She, like my many other 'creations' takes an active role in helping me craft complete images that hopefully inspire or provoke emotion and reaction
It all began more years ago than I care to remember with a formal art education followed by several years within the Music industry and then a creative career which has now spanned over three decades
I have worked closely with many international organisations, designing, creating and producing innovative and original corporate imagery and advertising media for several well known brands. Counted amongst these organisations is Playboy, for whom I produced several television shows featuring some of the World’s most beautiful women.  I have also produced programmes for Granada Television and Channel 5 in the UK as well as many other International broadcasters and over the course of my career, my programmes have won awards and received exceptional critical acclaim
Today, my work draws on the knowledge and skills gained through my vast experience across a wide range of media and disciplines, including photography, digital darkroom techniques, 3D modelling and image manipulation. I draw, I paint, I take photographs, and I also enjoy using technology to assist me in achieving my ambitious artistic goals
My current theme of ‘Imagined Reality’ allows me to fully explore and experiment with fantasies and visions of reality using 'actors' and 'models' that will never protest and will always say yes