Main Gallery

A collection of recent works and artistic concepts

I sometimes find it difficult to divide my work into categories or specific themes but its inevitable that any artist working with a particular style will suddenly find inspiration and feel the need to diversify and completely change their approach or the emotions in their art. Moods change so therefore the style or interpretation.

Below I have done my best to categorise my work. Please click on a image to view more in that series, style or genre.


Blurring reality's boudaries

In this series of pictures I have attempted to create an alternative reality populated by people and creatures from my imagination. I have taken a photorealistic approach to these works and hopefully created a portfolio of convincing and compelling image


Defining the shades of humanity

Why do we have to wear a badge that depicts our sexuality, our religion or our beliefs? We are all just people who fall in love, believe or don't believe in God, have desires or ambitions and are driven by the need to be liked or loved ourselves - just shades of humanity


Visions from a time that was

For many years I had the fortunate pleasure to photograph and film some of the World's most beautiful women for Playboy. Their long languid forms have stayed fixed in mind and although these pictures are highly stylised, I have tried to capture their exotic essence


Exploring female form

Ballet has always fascinated me and I was once fortunate enough to see backstage during a World Class performance of Swan Lake where I was inspired by the sinuous muscularity of these talented performers. Let’s Dance is my humble attempt to recreate the poise and grace of their art


Feeling fantastic flowing fun from fans

Recently I was inspired by someone very close to me whose infectious enthusiasm for all things fan-like led to my creation of ‘Fi of the Fans’ Initially I created Fi as a photorealistic being before deconstructing and stylising her so she could become and hopefully elegantly embrace her fantastic role’


Musicians with serious attitude

Would I be classed as 'sexist' if I describe the stars of these portraits as Rock Chicks? - maybe - but I guess that's what really inspired me. The many fabulous and talented girls that rock our World and bring sweet music into our lives. Definitely ladies with attitude!


Illustrations from tales of Celtic legends

I've been given complete artistic licence to create and fashion each character as I perceive them them to be. This has invovled many hours of research and study into the ancient Irish history, myths and legends. I've now illustrated over 200 Scenes. A select few of these Scenes and Characters have been produced as Fine Art Prints which can now be purchased in advance of the Book's publication