Imagined Reality

An alternative reality populated by people and creatures which only exist in my imagination

My Imagined Reality is built around Actors and Models which I have digitally created. They are not photographs although their skins and textures have been borrowed from real, living people. Each concept begins life as pencil or ink sketch. The models are then crafted as wireframes in 3D space. Facial features and muscle definition is painstakingly sculpted using virtual clay. Their skins are then carefully reconstructed from photographs and images of actual people. They are then moved into my virtual studio where they are posed and positioned using my original sketches as references. The cameras are set, the scene is lit and the result is rendered, usually over the course of two or three days
Then for me, the post-production is where the real magic happens. Every rendered image is meticulously studied, adjusted and retouched before the final composition is assembled. I strive hard to accurately visualise the pictures that have formed in my mind and often spend in excess of 100 hours or more before I am am prepared to judge the work to be complete