Legends of the Sidhe

A series of Graphic Novels illustrated by Phillip Jay

Legends of the Sidhe chronicles the stories of the Aos Sidhe (pronounced 'Ace She') - The People of The Mounds - a race of ancient people said to posses supernatural powers.
According to Celtic mythology, these people are the descendents of early Irish settlers, the Tuatha Dé Danann who fled underground many centuries ago but still exist in a world that co-exists with our own. These legendary people spawned the myth of the Fae People or as they are more commonly known today, Faeries.
The series is being illustrated entirely by Phillip Jay who has been given complete artistic licence to create and fashion each character as he perceives them them to be. This has invovled many hours of research and study into the ancient Irish history, myths and legends.
The work on illustrating the many characters and creatures that appear in these tales began in 2015 and is still underway today and is expected to be completed during the early part of 2018.
He has now designed and illustrated over 200 Scenes.  A select few of these Scenes and Characters have been produced as Fine Art Prints which can now be purchased directly from Phillip Jay in advance of the Book's publication

Legends of the Sidhe Artwork


I have produced a short promotional video for the Series. It was fun to make and I think it captures the essence of the stories. There's still a way to go before the books are published so characters and concepts may change slightly so bear this in mind whilst watching.

Watch the Legends of the Sidhe promotional trailer by clicking on the link below - make sure you turn up the volume and view in 'full screen' mode - enjoy!