Pippa Pei Press Release - 12/10/2018

Hey, its Pippa Pei

An Imaginary Social influencer that doesn't want to sell you stuff!

She may not exist in the true sense of the word but this quirky nineteen year old certainly has attitudes and opinions that could potentially change the way many young adults view the World and the environment we have created.

Pippa is a typical, lively, fun-loving nineteen year old girl who is completely at one with her world. A world where pollution has ravaged the oceans, rivers, towns and cities. However, Pippa was born into this environment and her acceptance and enjoyment of this landscape is sometimes shocking… but she knows no different. This is Pippa Pei’s World… now or in the not too distant future?

She is definitely NOT a ‘Save the World Superhero’ - she is an ordinary teenager that accepts her World and the way its become but occasionally asks questions… could it be different? can things change? is this how its meant to be?


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