Curious Dorothy

For many years I produced TV shows for Playboy and was lucky enough to photograph and work closely with some of the World’s most beautiful women and for me, these strange creatures personify the willowy, languid ladies that inhabited that wonderful world.

Dorothy began her life as a paper sketch before evolving into the fun-loving, cigarette wielding, party animal you see before you.

Why is she caled Dorothy? Well, it was the ‘dotty’ background she sits on that did it! And why the cigarette? She’ll answer, “It keeps me from eating chocolate!”… but just don’t ask about the gas mask!

This Piece is available as a large print in a contemporary aluminium frame or as a fully stretched and mounted canvas print.

  • PRINT SIZE:50cm x 70cm or 70cm x 100cm (Canvas)
  • MATERIAL:320g Fine Art Paper or Cotton Canvas
  • QUANTITY:Limited to 25 Signed and numbered