Just Fantastic

Fi frustrated me for many hours. I produced countless sketches in an attempt to visualise the long-legged lady that haunted my mind. I wanted her to be brash and bold but also cutely coy, keeping her dignity carefully concealed in an occasional flourish of vivid colour.

Eventually I turned to my old friend, Fibonacci and although he’s been dead for nearly 800 years, his maths provided the geometry along which Fi’s majestic movements are formed.

Oh, in case you’re wondering… that’s how this girl gained her name – Fi – after the great man himself. But would he approve? – I like to think so!

  • PRINT SIZE:25cm x 30cm
  • MATERIAL:320g Fine Art Paper, 100% Acid Free
  • QUANTITY:Limited to 50 signed and numbered prints
  • QUANTITY:£165 (Mounted), £225 (Framed)